Another day in Paradise ... my paradise

Another day in Paradise …  my paradise

Hmmm I wonder if there is anybody that can relate to my paradise.  Wake up in a mood, your husband has a headache, the kids are trying.  Getting into the office you find that the people you work with are just as bad.  What is wrong with my world?  Why is it so horribly upside down?  I had my quiet time in the morning, I have been taught “bow down before the Lord and stand before kings”.  My goodness it has truly been a terrible day, guess what?  It’s over and tomorrow will be a better day, I am sure.  Each day the sun shines and tomorrow won’t be any different, unless it rains but then I get a beautiful rainbow afterwards. 
So yes it has been a trying day and the most people I dealt with were glum and miserable at least I can go home and just relax.  It is a pitty I missed my Art class, too little people attending.  Ahhh that would have been fun, learning a new skill.  I so wish I can paint a beautiful picture.  Hmmmmm that’s a dream I will follow.

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