Still in the "Honeymoon" phase

Life is strange, when I was in school I was taller than my husband and we were friends from Grade 6 up to Grade 9.

Time passed and we both got married and life happens as you know, I had 3 children and he had 3 children and then we both had some bad luck and things changed for us.  I put my name on Name Base and he spotted my name and sent me an email.  We chatted on email and we met for lunch one Sunday afternoon.

I had no idea that I would remarry and not even to Andus.  Really we were in school together and I thought I am too tall for him.  To my surprise he actually grew taller and of course is still as handsome as ever.  Well, we started dating and one day I realized that we would get married and so we did.

We got married in September 2010 and so far we are still in the Honeymoon phase, and I am still very happy with my wonderful husband.

hmmmm, live is bliss ......

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