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What’s in a name?

Maintaining Balance

I have heard about maintaining balance in one's life but it really does take practise.  I seem to struggle very much with that kind of thinking.  I try and try and often I fail.  I was thinking about it and it struck me the only way I can survive and live my life is by staying committed to the Lord Jesus.  It isn't that easy, I get busy and then I get side tracked.  I get upset with myself and then I start getting impatient with the people around me.  You cannot think that this would change who you are but it actually does.

My life is not worth much, these are thoughts that go through my mind constantly.  I am not the best wife or mother, I should have done more.  I then start feeling so guilty and then I start fighting with everybody around me.  I find that the more unhappy these thoughts make me the more unhappy I want to make the people around me.  How to remedy this?  I get back down on my knees and start praying, start looking for answers in the Bible.  Lord Jesus, please…