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Looking back

Isnt it funny we alway seem to look back into our lives, where we come from, what we did and so on.  Why is it that we never look forward?  I am currently working on my attitute and working on my way of think.  I want to start looking forward, I want to look at what tomorrow can bring.  I know I have great treasurers in my life that is still to come and I want to reach them stretching myself and going forward. So today I dedicate my life back into the Lords hands and I pray Lord help me stay focused and look forward yesterday is gone and today is here.  I want to ask for supernatural favour with You Lord Jesus and with man.  Lord I want to also ask that You will bless me and keep me safe.  I pray for Your blessings into my life with You Lord Jesus as well as with man.  amen

Time Management

I dedicate my day into Your Hands dear Lord, help me to make the best of today and to live my life to the fullest.  Guide me and strengthen me, give me the ability to know right from wrong, help me to be kind and patient to everybody I meet today.  I thank You Lord for another day and I entrust myself into Your hands.  We all need You Lord Jesus in our lives, give us the strength to do our work one task at a time.  Let me complete each task given to me with the diligence You want me to use and thank You for the wisdom You have imparted to me.
I pray for my husband and children and ask that You will help them use their time wisely.  We only have so much time each day.
In Jesus Christs name I pray

I am my worst enemy.

Morning Devotion

I dedicate my day and my life into the hands of my Lord Jesus Christ.  ... Hallowed be thy Name ... Baruch haba bashem Yeshua hamashia, Lord I will worship and praise Your name today.  I want to become more like You and I stand in humbleness before You this morning.  Lord please purify me and cleans me, create within me a clean heart, mind, spirit and soul.  Help me Lord to draw near to You today and not to disappoint You.  I dedicate my family into Your hands this morning and I pray Lord for supernatural favour in each of our childrens lives, Lord let each child enjoy Your supernatural favour with You Lord as well as with people.  Keep each child save let no harm come to them I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over each one.  My mum and her husband keep them save and I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over each one of them.  Lord I bring my husband before You this morning in humility and I pray for his protection, I ask Lord for supernatural favour in his life with You Lord as well as …

Growing stronger through change

change is something we face every day, when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed.  Change is constant.  I have been living in a very small town and it has been a real big adjustment in my life.  I think that it is very difficult to live with people that dont seem to understand the urgency of things.  Living in a big city and then moving to a little town is a huge change.  It is taking time to adjust and I find that I get irritated with the people and I am irritated with myself.  Why do we need to face change every day?  Well it struck me that we are in change all the time.  Our bodies are changing all the time, our mind changes all the time, we have to accept it but even the days are changing.  I looked outside and saw the sun is shining and the birds are singing and it looks lovely but can you believe it is freezing and cold, the weather even changes.  So lets face it change is constant.  So I said to myself, stop fighting and being difficult accept that you are in a cha…


I dreampt I was walking through my kitchen down the stairs to the garage and as I opened my garage door I looked up and all the boxes that were packed in the garage had disappeared.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  On waking up in the morning I walked to the garage to check what actually happened and I opened the door and al the boxes were still in its place.  I decided to check on the internet to see what this could this ment.  It stated that I was feeling alone and afraid and that I most probably was unsure of myself.  I am in a new environment and I am still adjusting to my new life style.  How weird are our inner being, we seem to send out messages in our dream to speak to ourselves.
My prayer for today is that the Lord will give me the strength to face this day and to trust in HIM and not be afraid.