People are fickle

I have been watching people and listening to everything they say.  I am starting to think that most or rather all people don’t really want to help me or you, in case you do better than expected.  I have started my own business and I must be honest it is very difficult to get it off the ground.  Not that easy but what I have noticed people have all promised and said, don’t worry we will help you ….. ha ha guess what?  No one is helping.  Pay it forward, I heard and there is no such thing.
I must be honest and say if you think you are going to make it with the help of other, think again.  I find people are all just mouth and no action.
Well I hope that when I one day get asked to help I will be able to help and not just be one of those many that make idle promises and keep mine.
Life, interesting life, it brings me back to what I learned a long time ago.  You can never depend on people you can only depend on our Lord Jesus Christ.
Have a nice day!

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