Red Bull gives you wings

 I like Red Bull and I must tell you they are radical but when it comes to my Lord Jesus Christ and people making a fool of my God I get really mad.  What on earth is wrong with this world?  No one will us any of the Buddha or Shiva or Allha.  Come on people, the only God that has any power is our Lord Jesus Christ and guess what the world will make fun of my God.
I believe because there is so much power in the name of Jesus Christ that the people know this and will do most anything to get that power.  The problem is Christians don’t stand up for our Lord.  We must stop being so placid and accepting, walk overs and let the world know we do not agree with this sort of thing.
My Lord Jesus Christ walked on the water and there weren’t any stones so don’t you dare come along and say the Lord walked on hidden stones.  You are the fool here not my Lord.

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