Without realising it I have taken a ‘time-out’ when I got married and moved towns.  There is no jobs in this place and should you find something it just isn’t worth your time.
To make matter even more interesting I decided to start my own business and I did everything possible to get going.  It has been one struggle after another and it just doesn’t want to go anywhere.  I have come to the conclusion that I am not able to do this in my own strength and that only the Lord God is able to help me.
I have decided to wait on the Lord now as my efforts aren’t paying off and I seem to be walking into a brick wall. 
Now it seems I have taken a leave of absence of work and society.  I am alone most of the time with myself and my own thoughts which by the way can be very scary.  If you don’t like yourself it could be very difficult.  Ah, but I don’t mind being alone, I like the peace and quiet and I read the word of God.  I believe when the time is right and God will promote me and bring me to centre stage.
My needs are met every day, the Lord is providing. 
I await the Lord for guidance, wisdom and insight as I go into this day.  I relax as much as I can and do the things I never seem to have had time for.  I pray a lot and I am working on my book, I hope to get it done and publish it as soon as possible.

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