The end of fall

The leaves are still falling from the trees and there is a chill in the air.  The puppies come in and follow me all around the house.  We tidy and clean and then I come and sit behind my computer and start making notes of my days.  It has been almost two years now that I have worked in an office.  I miss the buzz and the busyness of the people around me.

My husband works till about 19h00 at night and then only gets home after 20h00.  He works most weekends because the pay is good and the project needs to be done.  He is a great man; I admire him and think the world of him.  He works hard and loves us all.  The children don’t know how lucky they are to have a dad like him. 
With winter knocking at our door I am grateful for spending time with the children and being able to collect them from school and check their homework with them.  It is stressful at times when Pieter doesn’t do his homework and he doesn’t tell me he had something to do.  He always seems to forget – my goodness.

Well I am hoping my tulips will come up this year and bloom, I am looking forward to seeing what they will look like.  Then when spring arrives we are hoping to see our second grandchild.  The knitting is going strong at home so hopefully I would have completed something nice for this little one.  But let's get through this winter and hopefully the Lord will open a door for me to go back to work again.  In the mean time I am enjoying the time in God’s word and learning as much as I can.  We too have sessions in our lives and this is what I am learning.  How great is our God, He cares about us even when we believe He has forgotten us. 

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