Mothers Day ... Sunday

Mommy in early 1963

Mommy just after Gizel her great grandchild 2009

This tribute is to my mom, a beautiful lady of the young age of 66.  Mom you are a blessing to each one of your children, near and far.  You have always looked out for us and have been through very difficult times.  I know you have sat up many nights praying for each one of us.  I know you are strong and your faith has been strong in the Lord.  You are courageous and you take one new tasks each day.  You run your live with vigour, nothing is too difficult for you to do.  You love knitting and reading.  I know you spend a lot of time thinking of the past and sometimes I believe you wish you could turn back the hand of time and go and change things.  God knows your heart and desires and I know that He is looking out for you each day.  You worry about the children and grandchildren and also your great grandchild.  You think of the days gone by and wish for the future supernatural favour in each of your children’s lives.  You stand proud at the knowledge that your daughters and son are good parents; you know they have the best interest for their own children at heart.  You love us unconditionally and you have an ear to lend when times are hard.  We love and honour you for being the person you are, the lady of statue we really appreciate all you have done for us in the past and well as in the now.   We have no better mum in the whole wide world but you Mommy, Elizabeth Nester Alberts (Pat).  Never forget we love you and think the world of you.!!

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