The Spider

Today I was listening to Pastor Chip Ingram, I enjoy his services on the iPod very much.  I feel that he inspire me and that I keep a constant check on who I am.

‘Balancing Life’s demands’ is a series that I have been listening to and Pastor Chip has been talking about how to balance our lives.  I have come to realise that I am just like anybody else, I am preoccupied with all kinds of things and I keep busy with a lot of this, that and the other.  I run around the house cleaning, cooking and ironing.  Making sure everything is in place but the thing that should take priority in my own life is honest time and dedication to the Lord my God.

My spider I would say is ‘busyness’ I have forgotten to balance my life and I have become entangled with being so busy.  

The Lord has brought me to this place in my life where I need to stop, become quiet and listen to the Lord.  I believe God is making me take some time out and spending it in His presence.  I want to grow spiritually and I want the Lord to lift me up from my situation.

So what are the spiders in your life?  Are you accountable and taking responsibility for our own actions and setting time aside for God?  

Wow, not that easy hey?  You may say, I read my Bible and pray every day.  Yip, so do I and I am thinking I need more of God to help me balance my life.  What about you?

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