As a step mother I have been watching over two young children, they are my husband’s two kids; and I wonder at the things these two get up to.  The one can come up with the most fascinating stories, this happened today and that happened today.  If anyone else says something like ‘I had a dream last night’ and then proceeds to tell of their dream.  The other child would just would interrupt the story telling and tell you their dream was scarier and more exciting.  I find they are competing with one another all the time.
It seems that they both lack in listening skills, they hear when you talk to them but they never really seem to listen to the request or statement.  It is really difficult to work with them as they both seem to be in competition with me and want to make me stand in their shadow.

At first it worked on my nervous and now I just look at them and wonder what they hope to active by acting like they do.  One day hopefully when they grow up and reach the age of adulthood I hope that they would have learned how to listen and how to carry out instructions.  I hope that they one day would be good adults with high standards.  I believe in time they too will aspire to be good in everything they do.  I am teaching them to try and achieve a better mark in school reports and to pay attention to detail and make sure that everything is in its place.

It is my hope and dream that I too may be of value to each of my children one day.  Many times I think of the things I learned from my own mother and not forgetting my father.  I still admire them and think the world of them, the time and efforts they put into my own life.  I hope to be an inspiration to the two young children and I hope that I am able to inspire my grown children and grandchildren.  I love all my children and I love my grandchildren too.  I can only praise the Lord Jesus for this gift of children in my life. 

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