Glory to the Lord God in Jesus Christ's Name

Today in all humility I really want to give thanks to the Lord for being so faithful and loving towards my husband and our family.  I can honestly say that the Lord is awesome.  There are times when I was sure that the Lord had abandoned me.  

Anyway just for the record I want to tell you without a doubt that God is Almighty and He is awesome and most of all He will always help you through difficult times.  When it seems as though it is the darkest hour in your life just be patient and know God is working for the good of your situation.  

All honour and glory to the Lord God for being there when I needed Him in my life, Lord thank You for being in control of me and my husband’s life.  May the Lord help you too in your live today and may you know that He does answer prayer.

‘… You desire truth in the inward parts …’ Psalm 51: 6

Thank You Lord for being there for us.

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