Insomnia – a little demon on your bed stand

Holy Spirit come and give us peace of mind

I say ‘insomnia’ is a little demon sitting on your bed stand waiting for you to go to bed and when you do it comes and sits on your pillow.  When you fall off to sleep this little demon starts screaming in your ear.  Sometimes it is something that is nagging at you, like let’s say your finances, he will sit and scream in your ear you are going to lose everything you have because you cannot pay all your debts.  He also can be sitting on the pillow next to you screaming into your ear about the way your wife or husband looked at that younger person.  If that doesn’t work he would start with how guilty you are of all kinds of acts.  Keeping in mind it is the little demon following you around because he knows what your problems are.

How can we counter act this little demon?  I say through the word of God.  I say we should call on God in the Name of Jesus Christ and speak life into our situations.  Yes, you husband or wife looked at the younger person and it made you feel old.  Yes agreed you have some financial difficulties but it is only for a short time.  No …. You won’t lose all you have it isn’t possible if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Counter acting the demon with the Holy Spirit of God, calling on the Name of Jesus Christ.  I say speak life into your situation.  I will find that job best suited for me, yes I am a little short on cash but I am not bankrupt.  Yes we are going through a difficult time but hey I know God has something good in store for us.  Trails are there to grow me and you.  Trails make us stronger through faith and we get to grow more and more.

Lord Jesus help me face my little demons of worry and insomnia, I send them back to where they have come from in the name of Jesus Christ.  Holy Spirit I pray that You will give me peace of mind and the ability to have a good night’s rest.  Helping me to get up fresh and revived in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ.

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