Keep Trying

I wonder if you are anything like I am, going through difficult times seems to be part of live and it seems from the outside that people are doing well.  They don’t seem to have any problems, it seems that life is plain sailing.  Looking at my own life I can tell you that it isn’t always plain sailing. 
I have not been much around people this past two years so I feel a little isolated. The only people in my life are the children and my husband.  I watch TV, read, knit, paint and I blog.  There are times when it gets to me but most of the time it isn’t that bad.

In this period of my life have been dealing with normal issue of ‘Self’ – hmm that is very difficult.  “Self” as you know is normally haughty, proud, self-centred, very self-important and no compassion for anybody but self.  In the mean time I have had to learn about being compassionate, taking care of people and looking out for their needs.  I have also learned to be more humble and mostly being aware of other people’s needs than my own. 

Housekeeping is one of my major tasks and it drives me totally mad.  I do washing and ironing and then it is time to collect the children from school.  Before I know it we need to prepare dinner for the evening.  It is one thing after the other, I drive to collect my husband and in that time I take a book to read.  It is relaxing and I get around to looking at the people in the street, driving up and down, some are deep in thought and others talking on their cell phones, also others sad and gloomy.

Mostly life is fine and my husband takes care of me and the kids.  He is adorable; he always considers all of our needs and is very generous.  He has a beautiful face, soft and gentle hands, I love his hands, well build and he listens to what I say.  Very stubborn at times and can demand action in a blink of an eye.  He keeps to himself and doesn’t appreciate it when told what to do.  He is a fine man with strong morals.

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