Samson and Delilah:: Judges 16

Samson:  Judges 16: 30

Thinking about this story in the Bible and reading it again it makes me think how men react to beautiful woman.  The Bible tells us that Samson fell in love with a woman in the Valley of Sorek and her name was Delilah.  When I think of a beautiful woman I see someone that is well-built, beautiful long flowing black hair, blue eyes and fair skinned.  Her beauty would also be part of the favour she enjoyed with all men as they would have admired and loved her.  When I see Samson I feel that he would most probably be very handsome, strong and with flowing dark brown hair.  He probably had brown eyes and wherever he walked the woman would flock to be at his side.  He must have had a majestic stance and look about him.  

With a lot of nagging Samson gave into Delilah who was motivated by money to get the rewards the Philistine ruler’s would hand her.  It seems the Council of the Philistine rulers were giving her in return for the successful captured of Samson eleven hundred shekels of silver.  How many men were serving on the Council, it doesn’t state but the amount of money offered was enormous and most probably enough for her to live off without worrying about working again.

Delilah was relentless in finding out what was the source of Samson’s great strength.  She would keep nagging him the Bible tells us that it tired him to death and of course he broke down and told her his secret.  Delilah sent a report to the Philistine rulers that she knew the secret and that they should come back once again.  Delilah let Samson lay in her lap where he fell asleep and while he was sleeping she called for the barber to come and shave off his seven braids of hair.  Samson’s strength left him and he was as a normal man.  The saddest part in this story is the fact that the Philistine captured Samson and they gouged out his eyes and took him down to Gaza.  Samson then had been put to work in the prison grinding and they didn’t notice that Samson’s hair was growing back again.  

The ending is sad but sweet.  Samson asked that he be placed next to the pillars which supported the temple and he then prayed to God and destroyed the entire temple.  He killed more Philistine that day then in his live time.  In the New Testament Samson is mentioned with other great people.  Hebrews 11: 32 - 35

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