A success Story – Ayoba – Zelda Taylor

Zelda Taylor

When the odds are against you – you are able to get up and go.  I would like to take this time and write about my sister the pioneer in our family.
Nikita Taylor

Zelda Taylor, born in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.  I think a beautiful blonde woman with two beautiful children.  Her son Duane Taylor now in the USA working.  Her daughter in Grade 12 Nikita Taylor.  Just for the record the children are being raised by a single mom.  Zelda’s husband passed away a short while after they discovered that she was pregnant with Nikita and she has been taking care of these children.  

Life happened and after relocating to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa my sister realised that it was just impossible to make any money there.  Life was difficult and she had to leave Duane behind as he was attending Grey High School and didn’t want to make a change in his schooling.  Coming to Johannesburg with a young Nikita they moved into a little town house and she worked diligently and hard.  Traveling overseas, learning and make inroads wherever she went.

Things changed and she was unfortunate in her last position and had to make a decision.  She decided to do what she knew best and started selling products from her own home, 2010.  Her first sale came in and she just kept working hard.  As the Sole owner of the company Ayoba my sister started with the help of her partner Kobus and they started a micro office in Secunda, Mpumalanga.  Employing an administrator and a driver, time moving fast they needed to employ another person.  They had to get their name out there and decided to employ a representative.  Someone who knew their products and would bring in sales, this was in August 2011.  

Still the business is picking up in October 2011 they had to find a good Technician.  Their Secunda office is still growing and they looked at employing another administrative lady and another representative.

The population of the Secunda office almost in place; Zelda needed to get her micro office in Johannesburg populated as well.   

In March 2012 a representative needed to be employed in the Johannesburg office and in April 2012; Zelda employed her stepdaughter to come and work for her and then also needed the assistance of an Internal Sales Clerk. 

The population of her two offices one in Secunda and one in Johannesburg stands at 11 people.  She is the sole owner of the company and her partner will be joining her with a 50/50 percentage between the two of them. 

I think this is wonderful that someone in the prime of her live is able to get out there and make a success of her life.  Her main products are Safety Equipment and gear, hydraulics and pumps.  So should you need to have anything sorted out in the Engineering Field let me know and I can get you into contact with a brilliant lady.

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