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A source of fear

I have just started work again and I must tell you I have forgotten how versatile people are and each individual can really be so different from the rest.  Thinking about the lady I work with, she is short and stout, pear-shaped with long brown hair.  She doesn’t wear any makeup and cusses all the time.  It seems to me that every second work is a swear word.  It seems to be part of her vocabulary.  She praise God with the same mouth and yet she can swear just as badly.
One thing is for sure she is fearful of dying.  Each day we would chat about this and that and then boom; she is reminded of someone who passed away and would discuss them in detail.  At first it didn’t worry me but lately it is working on my nervous.
I find it disturbing to hear about dead people each day and today it is a relief not to be speaking about dead people but look what I am writing about?  My goodness, I don’t have to be writing about this but look at my title ‘the source of fear … dead people’.
Thinking ab…

New every morning

The last breath of winter as spring arrives

Red, yellow and brown maple leaves falling from the trees
a chilling wind raising some leaves wafting away
exposing the naked barks to the chilling wind
Whistling threw the trees the wind winds around and about
swirling the red, yellow and brown maple leaves still hanging on the trees
pulling at the leaves as the wind picks up and pulls more leaves to the ground
Red, yellow and brown maple leaves cover the ground
resting and turning brown as the days move along
Flickers of sunlight peeking through the clouds touching a carpet of brown leaves
Birds come to rest on the bare barks singing their merry songs
A warmth is felt all over the fields as the buds of little green leave appear
Gently spring is moving closer taking tiny steps 
Haiku poem
by  Yvette van Niekerk  (13 July 2012)



A fresh cup of tea


Driving through the mist