Driving through the mist

It’s early morning and it is cold as we get into the car.  A normal morning I thought, as we headed off to the Highway on our way to work.  On reaching the Highway you can see the mist rolling in.

It is still dark outside as a blanket of mist covering the road ahead; nothing is visible around us as we drive down the road with our hazards flickering on and off warning the people from behind to slow down.

Protocol calls for slower driving and adjusting speed limits as the mist doesn’t want to give way this time.  As I look out over the fields which aren’t visible I start thinking how fairy tail likes to seems.  This white blanket of mist rolling over the fields and covering everything it touches.  It starts to remind me of the Holy Spirit which comes softly into your heart; as a gentle soft white mist covering me, from tip to toe.  How awesome is our Lord God. 
As the light starts to shine through the darkness seems to fade away but the mist is still hanging over the land, the mist seems to lift here and there.  The movement of the vehicles seems to chase the mist forward but when you look again it seems to come and rest over the land.

How amazing is the world around us, it seems to light up as the sun starts to peak over the horizon.  A new day is dawning and we are so blessed to start the day together.  I am so happy to be driving to work with my husband at my side and knowing that we will see each other through the course of the day. 

Romans 8: 1 NKJV ‘There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.’

Thank You Lord Jesus for seeing me as valuable to You, Lord thank You also for making me strong and most of all Lord seeing me as capable, trustworthy and talented, thank you Lord.

We serve an awesome God allowing us to experience His supernatural favour in our lives.  Today I choose to see God’s purpose in my life and to know that the Lord Jesus Christ loves me and that He cares for me and I am seen as valuable and worthy of the Lord my God.

Take time in the word of God and see God’s supernatural favour all around you.  See the mist settling down all around you as the Holy Spirit in and all around you.  How awesome is the Lord my God, using the mist to remind me of His great and awesome power?  Trusting and believing in the Lord God is so awesome.

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