A fresh cup of tea

Placing a tea cup and tea pot on my tray
On the hand crocheted doily

A sugar bowl with spoon on my tray
As well as a jar of golden honey

The kettle boiled and I pour the boiling water
into the tea pot which covers the teabag

As the tea starts to brew I place a little plate
of biscuits on my tray with the tea pot

Entering the lounge I place the tray on the table
Sitting down I take my teapot and start pouring
the rich flavoured tea into my tea cup

Adding honey to sweeten my tea
I start to stir it until the honey has been absorbed
lifting the tea cup with saucer I place it on my lap
taking a sip of the tea I feel refreshed and start
to relax.

Listen now, my people, and come to me;
come to me, and you will have life! – Is 55:3

Poem by Yvette on tea

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