Be thankful and kinder to each other

Listen to people around you without interrupting them and speak to them without accusing.  I find that we are living in an age where people are just so arrogant and very rude.  It seems that people have no respect for one another and the way they speak to and about each other remains to be seen.  

Looking around me we are living in an age where people have so much to give but are more selfish and unforgiving.  On giving they seem to be giving sparingly and they just don’t care about each other. 
Let’s pray more for each other and let us carry each other’s burdens to the Lord in prayer.  Pray without stopping. 

I have been going through change within my own relationships and I used to argue so much.  It seems to be the norm in most relationships, a sort of an arrogance and self-centredness.  The hard thing to find out that you are acting badly and you have no real feelings for the people around you.  A loveless relationship which keeps you from hurt yourself but in the meantime we are sending out missiles to eliminate our family, friends and colleagues.

It is my desire to share without pretending.  I hope that I can do my best all the time and that I will make a difference in the lives of all the people around me.  Enjoying what I have without complaining, I have so much to be grateful of.  How awesome is my God.

I want the Lord to help me to trust without wavering and to forgive people without wanting to punishing them to always keep my promises and make sure I don’t forget what I promised.

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