Praising the Lord

Thank You Lord for today, thank You for the beautiful rain You are showering over Witbank, the plants and trees and streets are all washed clean.  I love to look out of the window and see the green grass looking beautiful.  Everything looks and smells lovely.  The fragrance of the grass lifts out as we walk across it.  I feel the freshness in the air as the flowers smells beautiful.

It seems my life is perfect this very special day, I love You Lord with all of my heart, body and soul.  My life is meaningless without You.  I cannot face the day going forward without consulting with You.

I sit in the darkness of this office typing away my thoughts and waiting for the time to pass and me on my way back home.  The time to spend in the presence of the Living God, the God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Joseph with You Lord God I am able to scale a mountain.  I am able to face my problems.

Lord in Your Majesty and Glory I cannot even comprehend, all I am nothing compared to You.  I may be able to type a letter, bake a cake, walk to the shop.  Drive my car, cook a meal but I am nothing Lord.  Just as I am in my humility I want to praise You today.  Thank You for the beautiful flowers You gave me, the wonderful husband You gave me, the beautiful children I have and not forgetting my grandchildren.  Thank You also Lord that my mother is still alive and well, thank You that You keep Your hand of protection over her and her husband.

Thank You Lord for my work, my clothes, my food, my comfort, and my wellbeing, all I have is because You Lord has given it to me.

Thank You Lord for peace of mind, thank you that I am able to come and thank you without ceasing and know that You hear me.  I thank You Lord for my friends and family, old and new.  Thank You that they are all well and that You keep Your hand of protection over all of them.

Praise Your Name Lord, Praise the Lord on High, You Lord are Almighty, You Lord are omnipotent.  Nothing takes place without Your will being done.  Thank You Lord for Your Grace and Your council Your Holy Name Lord, Lord Jesus Christ – Holy Holy Holy is Your Name.


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