Never forget to say thank you!

Andus my husband for the lovely braai, the beautiful gifts:  Provocative Woman Perfume and little Eeyore, thank you my darling I really appreciate this so much.

Pieter thank you for the lovely necklace you made for me, I think it is beautiful.

Alezandra, hmm thank you for the lekker chocolate .... i am saving it for a special day.

Zelda, thank you for the beautiful silver jewelery box, the Justine Bieber perfume 'Some day', the beautiful red shoes, the lovely white and blue shirt, the lovely CD 'Strong from Black Byrd'.  That was awesome spending a day with you shopping!!

Mommy and oom Frik, thank you for the lovely perfume Panache, beautful earings and crusific, I love it.

Jacques, Marizca and Gizel thank you for the lovely 5th Avenue Perfume, my favourite!!

Johan, Odette, Anabelle and Jean, thank you for the lovely roses and not forgetting the Levi shoes.  Wow!  Thank you so much

Thank you to Frieda for the lekker Chocolate !!   Yummy

My friends on facebook, thank you for the beautiful messages of a great day and a wonderful year ahead of me.  You guys are great!

But most of all thank you to my Lord God, for letting me have another year on earth, for the supernatural favour in my life with man and with God.  Lord I honor You and Bless Your holy Name.

Thank you one and all
Zelda's gift

Mommy and Oom Frik's gift

Jacques,Marizca and Gizel's gift

Andus Gift

Andus gift

Johan, Odette, Anabelle and Jean's gift

Alezandra's gift

Pieter's gift

Mommy and Oom Friks, Gift

Zelda's gift the heart and key!

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