Hello Darlings, how awesome is our Lord, we have the ability to speak to each other and enjoy each other’s company.  The Lord has blessed each one of us with wisdom and insight and knowledge, we all have a great word to speak and the Holy Spirit inspires each one of us to go and do our jobs.

I have been thinking about the people that are less fortunate than we are and my heart goes out to them today.  I find in our country the hardship of poverty and the pain that goes hand in hand with it.  I have heard it said that with poverty a bad smell follows.  Looking at our lives and thinking about it, yes it is true were poverty is there you will find a smouldering dull stink.

We have many white people sitting on the side of the road begging for money, they are burnt up from the hot sun, their skin looks like leather; they are dark brown with greying hair.  Their cloths are old and many times too big for them.  They have fallen on hard times; they drink wine and eat bread when they can.  Their lives are meaningless and they feel that they just need to make enough money to pay for their beds tonight and then back into the streets tomorrow.

The sad part is they have become accustomed to their way of life and it feels right, they seem to thrive on the pity of other people, they grow stronger in their self-pitting and don’t care about what happens to them.  The just continue in there aimless lives with nothing to look forward to.  Their self-respect is gone, they feel they are victims of circumstances and blame God and other people for their bad positions.

The street is no place to live, we all know the dangers of being outside in the dark, the woman get rapped and the men too.  They need to stay together and try and protect each other.  Most of the time they drink wine at night to forget their past and hope they might die during the night.  They don’t hope any more, they don’t have dreams and they don’t care about living either.  They just exist.  

How could one motivate and help people in these kind of circumstance?  I wonder, I can only pray the Lord will pick them up and dust them off and give them a meaning in this world.  

Many of them used to be important people, with important jobs, with important family members and had beautiful homes and cars.  Where has this all gone?

May the Lord God have mercy on me as I pray for them this morning; I feel in my heart that I need to dedicate all the vagabonds into God’s hand.

Baruch haba baShem, Yeshua hamashia, Father God, in humility I come before You today, Lord You know my heart and You know my life.  I always feel sorry when I see people standing next to the road begging for money.  I don’t know their circumstances; I don’t know how they ended up in these difficult and hard times.  I don’t know why they have to live like wild animals in the cold and rain, and sweltering heat.  I can only come today to You in humble prayer.  Lord I want to pray for each man, woman and child that stands on the road begging for money and food.  I pray Lord that You will show them Your loving kindness and help them face each day.  Lord open the eyes of the people who live these dreadful lives and give them the courage to face yet another day.  Help them back onto their feet again, restore them to what they were used to.  Guiding them and helping them.  I pray in the holy name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.  Amen

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