The end of the world

Hello Darlings, it was supposed to be the end of the world yesterday 21 December 2012, but hey here we are still doing the same old thing.  I was thinking about that and it reminded me of the passage I read in the new testament where the disciples ask the Lord Jesus when the end of the world would be.  I remember it saying that it would be the same as in the days of Noah, people will still be getting married, having babies and buying and selling.  We all will be doing our own thing, but there is one thing we wont know and it is to know when the Lord will be returning to come and get us all.

So praise the Lord for another day, year and many more to come, we have so much to be grateful of, I have a beautiful home, a wonderful husband, beautiful children and grandchildren.

I am just wondering if it really was the end of the world, what would we be doing differently?  Perhaps we would be kinder towards each other, perhaps we will go and make peace with our friends and family?  Perhaps we would think of the people in need?

I don't know but one thing is for sure, I would want to be near my family, I would want to spend my last moments with the people I love and care for.

The year ahead has many challenges we don't know and we cannot see, lets face them with a different attitude, one with courage, love and kindness, respect and most of trusting in each other.

So lets be kinder to each other especially the people we love and respect.

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