Happy Birthday Pieter

Now I must tell you about this young lad, he is a cute young teenager, 13 to be exact.  He is in Grade 7 and the little girls adore him.  He is friendly, helpful and kind-hearted.   Pieter needed me to bake a cake for school and I gave it my best shot.  I baked two cakes for the lad, one was with the theme of cars and the other with a couple of spiders.  We are going to take these two cakes to school and see how the children enjoy them.

In Pieter’s class there are 37 children, so I literal take my hat off for the teachers.  School seems to be fund right now and I am glad to say that Pieter changed his mind about mathematics; he seems to be putting in the effort.  

His dad bought him a blackberry as a birthday and I got him a dog chain with a nice Christian verse on as well as a couple of shirts.

I am sure Pieter is looking forward to today as he will be the main man around school today, I am sure glad I was able to bake him a lovely cake or two.

Hobbies and likes of this young lad are TV, PSP and Xbox – you can put him in front of any of these devices and he will be able to play it with his eyes closed. 

So Pieter here’s wishing you a wonderful day, I hope and pray the Lord will bless you richly and that all your dreams may come true.

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