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Take up my cross daily

Treasure within

Rend your heart

Stop worrying ... Mathew 6: 31

Hello Darlings these couple of days at home have become so hectic I wonder sometimes whether I am coming or going.You wonder what I have been up to; let me tell you.I decided to up skill myself and enrolled for a course on Project Management.I believe I would do well in this area and I feel confident that I would be someone that most companies would be able to use.I feel that I am easy to work with and get along with most people.
The self-study isn’t that easy I need to put in approximately 40 hours of self-study and learn as much as possible before I attend the course.I am almost half way there but I must be honest it isn’t that easy.I seem to be able to go through two chapters at a day and then I have just answered the questions and gone over the syllabus.I have 4 chapters remaining and the I need to tackle the exams and start the practitioner.I am putting in my time and effort and I am just praying the Lord Almighty will enrich my knowledge and give me the necessary wisdom and und…

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.