If at first you fail, try again and again!

Hello Darlings how are you today?  I am believing and confessing over your lives that you are well and all is well with your soul.  I have been working hard on studying toward a certificate I truly want and it isn’t easy.  Doubt and worry has been plaguing me constantly.  I need to wake up and stop worrying about this.  I know how much time and effort I have put into studying this stuff and I am able to do so much better.  My aim is to attain 55 out of 75 which I believe is realistic based on my knowledge of the books.  

This morning when I got up at 03h00 I took my bible and I read it, I sat down in my chair and I spoke to God and I actually was bold enough to ask Him please Lord help me remember the work I have learned.  I would like to attain the 55 out of 75.  God can turn my failure into Success.  I am so trusting in God to lift me up and help me here.  My first attempt I went it on my own, I learned hard and fast for this subject and unfortunately I failed.  This time I am bringing my work and study time before the Lord God, I am calling on him this time asking Lord please help me.  I know I know this work but I cannot remember it as well as I would like to, so this time I am handing this over into Your hands praying for wisdom and insight and most of all the supernatural favour and of course my success.  It is clear that I cannot do this in my own strength I need the Lord my God to help me.

Being honest and straight to the point, I know God is not limited by my circumstances He is limited by my unbelieves.  I am confessing with my heart and mind set on my God and Lord Jesus Christ that I am going to succeed I confess that ‘Because you say so, I will make it Lord Jesus I will pass with my 55 out of 75’  Luke 5.

Lord I know that You look out our hearts to see what our motives are, Proverbs 16: 2 states that You weight us.  If I am selfish or if there is any malicious or negative agendas in my heart or mind I humbly come before You today and ask for forgiveness of sin.  Lord please show me what I am hiding from You and let me deal with it and help me to honour and always keep You first in my life.  In the holy name of Jesus Christ I pray.  Amen

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