Love Never Fails – 1 Corinthians 13: 4, 8

Hello Darlings

Love Never Fails that is always true in any situation.  Even people that do not believe in God love each other.  The best thing is love is always true, it cannot be faked or copied, and it is something within each one of us.  We are blessed with this beautiful thing called love.  
My thoughts go to the Lord Jesus Christ; He went to Calvary to die on that old rugged cross.  He gave His life for you and me so that we may have the security to go to the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Looking at that makes me realise once again no one can live without love in their lives.  The fruit of the Spirit is something we all strive for.  Galatians 5: 22 – 23 “Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.”  We all have a degree of each of the above I have mentioned.  

Love is almost certain to manifest in your life as well as mine.  We obviously love ourselves, I think it is obvious because we watch our diet and we like to smell nice, we love to dress smartly.  Yip, Love is there for sure.

Joy is certainly in most people’s lives, we are happy when things go our way.  I was filled with joy this morning when I went to the Traffic Department to collect my driver’s license.  The queues there are scary.  I got there just on 10h00 and left 10h28, what a dream I was in and out.  On my way out I passed the queue, which stood out of the door to the gate.  I thought how wonderful it is to serve a living God who favoured me today, I felt so much joy that instance.

Peace is also something we want in our life, peace of mind is important which keeps us sane and holds us up.  We want peace in our lives so that we can face each situation.

Patience is something I lack, it is difficult to be patient and I do try not to become impatient.  I seem to be learning how to deal with my impatience each day.  I have to deal with two teenagers.  They totally drive me up the wall at times.  So patience is being taught to me the hard way. 

Kindness and Goodness I feel we have plenty of, people in general are kind and they do show goodness.  I see many poor and needy people along the road, when I can I give and I am kind most of the time.  Live is too hard when people are rude and show no compassion and kindness.

Faithfulness is something we all have too.  I am married to my husband, I am faithful to him come what may.  I love and respect him too much to be unfaithful to him.  I am faithful to my own values and I am faithful to my God.  I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all of my heart, body and mind.  I do the best I can to stay faithful to the Lord at all times.

Gentleness, hmm this isn’t that easy, sometimes I cannot be gentle, I seem to have learned how to be tough and I don’t want to always show gentleness.  I was told it is a sign of weakness and I don’t want to be perceived as weak.  Although I think we all can do with being gentle toward other.

Self-Control – I must be honest in telling you I used to say what was on my mind the very instance.  I still struggle with my tongue and I do forget to pull it in and take control over my words.  I find that I lack in the area of Self-control.  I don’t mean to be rude, but should a situation arise that I am challenged the very thing I don’t want to do, I actually do it.  So honestly I need to work on my own self-control.  

Well I hope your day goes well, may you enjoy the love of the Lord in your life today, may you know that even when you are feeling down, the Lord your God is with you and He loves you.  He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for your sins.  The best news ever is that Jesus rose form the dead, He is a live and He loves you.  Take this opportunity to pray with me.

Lord Jesus, thank you for today, thank you for your supernatural favour in my life today.  Thank You Lord that I may come to You in humble prayer and ask that You will keep me safe.  I love You Lord with all my heart and I pray that you will fill me with Your Holy Spirit so that I may bear the fruit of the spirit in my own life.

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