Memory Lane

To travel down memory lane is something I seldom do, but in the last week I have had the privilege to speak to one of my manager – Harry Hamelers; who worked with me at ABSA Bank.  He lives in Singapore and we were corresponding.  Just chatting you know catching up on how are you, what have you been doing that sort of thing.  Now to be honest I don’t really remember many people by name and it was a long time ago.  He mentioned people by name and I started to remember them.  My boss Janet Johnstone – she was such an amazing woman when she work at the bank.  I remember this little blonde bomb of a lady, she was courageous and outgoing.  She took the bull by the horns and made her mark when she was at the bank. 
My friends at that time were Michelle Naude and Rina van der Merwe.  The three of us used to sit in the reception area and we would be the first point of contact into International Banking.  Michelle used sit opposite of me and Rina in the far right hand corner. 

We had many fun days, when the bosses went overseas and then came back with perfume they were our best gifts.  Those days our bosses weren’t stingy, now way they bought beautiful gifts for us girls that couldn’t travel.  Hmm, how I miss those days.

I remember Paul Orion went to Mauritius and on his return he brought me a box of Anthurium, the most beautiful flowers ever.   Oh I was ecstatic, I took the box of flowers home and my husband almost flip over with jealousy, but I felt so special that someone would consider bring me something this beautiful.  I can remember it like yesterday.

I also remember Richard Dewar he always travelled into Africa, I loved his voice a rich sound he spoke gently and so clearly.  Harry Hamelers of course used to walk up right, as straight as a ruler; I thought he was really cute.  At the time I admired him for his strong will to learn the most difficult language according to me - Mandarin.  Today however I am sure he can read, write and speak it fluently.  He tells me that he has been living in Singapore for 13 years, how time flies.

My favourite boss of course goes without saying was Julian Vyncke, my goodness we work well together.  We used to be the Liaison between South African and all the foreign embassies.  I remember so many Consulates coming to the bank and me making appointment for Julian to see them. The High Commissioner, hmm those where the days.  Lunch times we would eat cheese and drink wine, tee hee – that is where I learned to love the taste of wine and cheese.  Then he left and I also left the bank.   

Those were the days ;-)

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