Island of Spice - Grenada

Grenada – Island of Spice

Looking at my blog stats I have noticed that someone in Grenada is reading my blog.  How awesome is that!  As far as I know Grenada is an island of spice and it most probably is a beautiful place to live. 

 The people living in Grenada are probably on holiday 24/7.  I am sure they live their lives of peace, love, happiness, kindness, honesty, enthusiasm; they must be open-minded and spontaneous.   Passionate about life!

I wonder what kinds of jobs if any would people in Grenada be doing?  Growing some kind of spice?  I wonder what their religion would be and would they also believe in Jesus Christ or not?   

I suppose there must be very wealthy people living there with big ships in the harbour.  Hmmm what do you say?  Would you let me know how wonderful it is to live in your country?

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