People that cause diarrhea in my life .....

I have come to the conclusion the people I ‘thought’ had it all together really didn’t have it ‘all together’.  These people have more problems than what I have.  Yes, my life as far as I am concerned is arduous but let me tell you theirs are worse.  I have noticed people needed to be noticed; the hunger for attention is so huge that their so called good demeanour fades away and they become dragons.  They seem to have split personalities and their personalities are really bad ones.  

I wonder if it is the result of drinking water in this place.  These people don’t really buy water they actually drink the water here.  How can you identify them, they can drink the water without suffering of diarrhea.

My analysis – these women lust after men, they lust after the ‘thought’ of being single and able to hop into bed with any and every man they like.  Their lust after fame and fortune seems to chase them.  Anyone they encounter that seems to be in control over their own lives is a threat to them.
What to do?  I need to consider my options and how to deal with these fickle people.  One thing is for sure, I will take this matter to the Lord in prayer, I will pray about their attitudes towards me and hope that mine will be the better and that God will help me deal with their immature manners.

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