Rubbish in Rubbish out . . . . God in ... God out!

Psalm 145: 20 ‘He protects everyone who loves him, but he will destroy the wicked.’ 

Starting my day I went out to drop off a jumping castle to a crèche.  As we drove up to the school I noticed that the black dustbin bags were lying outside the gate.  One of the bags has been opened and rubbish was strewn around the gate.

Both I and my step daughter looked at it and though that perhaps they could have gotten another bag and picked up the rubbish.  Obviously it doesn’t bother them. 

It seems life has truly changed to such an extent that most people are too busy to clean up around them.  They don’t mind a little mess; someone else will clean up after them.  Hmm

It is my prayer that the Lord will protect me, I love Him and I really want to please Him.  I don’t want the wicked to be destroyed but that they may be saved.   The truth of the matter is they don’t care about God and all this stuff, they will still live as they have because they don’t think it’s wrong.

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