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Live is a journey!!


Such an inspirational little signature I saw today, it made me laugh and then I realised that we should do this more.God made us all ‘outstanding’.We are made in the perfect image of God, He breathed into our lungs and gave us life. We are little ‘gods’ as we are His replica, so clearly we have very high quality and it makes us superior to most other objects.Wouldn’t you agree?
Praise the Lord our God for creating someone like you and me, ‘Outstanding’.“… with God all things are possible.” Matt. 19: 26

Time out!

Showing my appreciation to the Lord my God - thank You Lord Jesus !!!

I want to show my appreciation to the Lord my God, I know that God is in control over my life and I want to bless His holy name today.  I want to just come into my Lord's Jesus presence and say thank You.  Thank You for everything I have.  I want to say thank You for being in control over my life and the lives of my family and friends.  You Lord Jesus are my God and I want to say thank You, thank You, thank You.  I love You.

Don't live in regret

Yorkshire Puppies for sale ... two little girls