"Life is full of small, perfect moments!" Tangled.

2nd of January 2014 on our way to the Mall, the kids wanted to do some shopping.  Gaming is the in thing these days.  Now as we roam the shops popping in and out of the different shops, viewing the merchandise choosing suitable games are a mission in themselves.  Finally after a lot of scanning and viewing the kids decided on a War Game.  While they were still shopping we took a seat in the coffee shop across the Game Shop.  Drinking some Decaf coffee and coffee with a slice Lemon meringue, we wait for the kids to call us.  I finished my meringue and coffee when Alezandra came out; we need your I.D. daddy.  Paid the bill and off into the Game shop.

The games chosen and paid for still roaming the shops, to my surprise my husband takes my hand and leads me into a jewellery store.  “Something you want, a nice necklace or earrings or whatever.”  Really?  “Yip, choose something you really want.”  My goodness I decided it had to be a new watch.  I was looking and looking and finally I made a decision.  This is one of those special ‘small, perfect moments.’  My husband really enjoys surprising me with new jewellery.  He is really wonderful.  I am so blessed.

Life sure is full of small, perfect moments, when you least expect it, it sure comes around.  I am grateful the Lord blessed me with someone that spoils me.  Joel Osteen’s word for today is that when God opens doors no man can close them, God will put the right people in my life to open the right doors.  I am expecting great things to happen this year.  

Blessing and Honour to the Lord my God, thank You Lord Jesus!!

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