Rest in the Lord

‘When the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?’ Luke 18: 8

I hear of all the devastation and all the weather changes and not forgetting the economy, everyone is fussing and doing their best.  People seem to be concerned about the climate and also the economic climate.  Would you say we are going into the last days?  Are we going to see more and more disasters?
When the Lord Jesus Christ returns on the clouds with He find faith on the earth?  Will the people still be serving Him or will they have fallen away?  

Shall we go and sanctify our lives before the living God and shall we come before Him and pray for His grace to cover our multitudes of sin.

My prayer is that you and I shall sanctify our lives and believe in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, resting in the faith and waiting for His arrival.   God bless you today!  Rest in the Lord Jesus and wait for his coming.

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