Ruth - changed the outcome of her life dramatically

Praise the Eternal One, He has not abandone you.  He did not leave without a redeeming guardian.  May your offspring become famous all through Israel.  Ruth 4: 14

Ruth is one of my favourite classics in the bible.  As I look at her life I admire her for her tenacity in being able to take a decision on where she wants to be and what her motives are.  She leaves behind her own country and countrymen going to a new country.  With her mother-in-law going with her whom had lost everything, her husband and both her sons.  Naomi is faced with a new challenge, as she speaks to her friends she tells them how disappointed she feels.  All the important people in her life had passed away, she feels God deserted her.  Then Ruth comes with her to her mother-in-laws country and she starts working in the fields gathering food for the both of them.  Ruth finds favour in the eyes of a very important relative of Naomi now named Mara.  Now Boas the owner of the field asked about Ruth and gave orders that Ruth be treated fairly.  Boas really looked out for Ruth and she received his favour by being able to follow his workers and eating with them.  On telling her mother-in-law she is told to be kind and sleep at the feet of Boas.  Boas woke up in the night and saw her on speaking to her he told her he would speak to the elders of the community and the other relative who would have the right to buy the land her mother-in-law was selling.  

As the practice was in the town, he asked a couple of the elders from the town to sit with him as he waited for the relative to come into town.  On spotting the relative he called him over and told him that Naomi was selling her land and that he was first in line to buy the land.  The relative said yes he was interested.  The Boas said there was the matter of Ruth the Moabite woman that would have to be taken in as part of the deal.  Considering the situation the relative decided not to accept the offer and said that he would not want to buy the land.  Boas stated that he intended to buy the land and that he would marry Ruth.

All done and said he gave his sandal as confirmation of the deal and took Ruth as his wife.  Ruth made her mother-in-law really happy when she fell pregnant with a son whom she named Obed and the best of all is that Obed then became Jesse’s father in turn David’s father.  

The Lord is awesome and HE knows best.  Bad things happen to good people but the outcome is always pleasing.  If you are facing a difficult time in your life, take time to fast and pray and see how the Lord works in your live and saves you with an awesome outcome.

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