Mother's Day wish for my mom

A tribute to my mom on Mother’s Day

Mom you are one of the most important people in my life right now.  I am grateful to the Lord for someone as special as you.  Small in stature but large in heart, you always try and be the best mom you can be.  Life dealt you some difficult blows but each time you came up and rose to the situation stronger with the will to survive and live.  

My wish for you is that you may enjoy long life filled with prosperity and abundance, that you may enjoy the pleasures of comfort and wisdom.

Your Lion heart takes you further and keeps you going.  God is in control over each of our lives.  How awesome is our Lord that He grants you yet more time to live and enjoy a carefree live.  

May each of your dreams come true, may the Lord bless you today and the rest of the year, may the abundance flow to you as the abundance of God through Jesus Christ flows over each of our lives.  

We are blessed to still have our mom - we love you mom 

God bless you today and going forward.

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