Abandonment - why?

As I watched the movie ‘the Single moms’ I was so angry and to be honest very, very disappoint with my ex-husband.

When I think about my children I must be honest and tell you that my children all must be suffering from ‘abandonment’.  Firstly my ex-husband never seemed to have the time or care about his own children.  He was either too busy and no he lives far, far away.  When I needed him to help me and pay alimony he ‘was out of a job’.  So I had no other avenues to help me with my children.  I don’t know how many nights we eat bread and drink some coffee.  I didn’t have enough cash for groceries.  I finally got over him and moved on.  I then I got married and left my children in Johannesburg, they were according to me, grownups and are able to look after themselves.  Honestly today I regret leaving them and not actually looking out for their wellbeing.  

I pray the Lord will forgive both me and my ex-husband for abandoning our children.  Lord Jesus in humility I confess and ask You humbly please Lord forgive me for abandoning my children.  Please fill their lives with rich love, kindness and loads of abundance. 

I feel so sad for the things I did and I hope moms and dads will start focusing on their families and stop look for greener pastures.

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