In these last couple of weeks I have been blessed with so many feelings of joy.  In August I received an email telling me that I was chosen and that my daily devotion would be published on the 1st of September 2014.  Not grasping what was said in the email I read and re-read the mail a couple of times to make sure I understood what it meant.  My goodness, it struck me that something I wrote was seen as good enough to be published with very well-known celebrities.

As the excitement took me giggling and laughing I ran to my husband who was sitting watching TV and told him the good news.  My eyes shining and the biggest smile you can think of on my face.  The bubbling feeling of excitement building up as I re-read the email, the fact that I would be published made me laugh and giggle again and again.  My heart was racing, I felt wonderful and suddenly felt I meant something. 

In a moment my entire life was lifted up and I felt like I was being able to see again, the joy of knowing that I was seen as important enough to be placed into a daily devotion with so many famous people made my day.  I still feel so light headed and giggle each time I think about the news, I watch the mail and impatiently await the new book.  To see my own name published is something I am sure you all have experience except me.

Joy fills my heart and it feels like all I want to do is sing and laugh and giggle and jump up and down enjoying the feeling of well-being and the knowledge that my God is able to make my life turn around in an instant.  I live each moment in awe and waiting with anticipation for each day because the joy of finding out there is so much in store for me.  

Lord Jesus I love you.

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