What Will love Be Like in 100 Years?

When I look at today’s people I do wonder if there will be love in this world in 100 years from today and I do believe that we will still see love on this earth.

God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow and let’s be honest God is love.  I have always maintained that love is not a feeling but an act of your heart.

People will probably be techno geniuses and they will do all kinds of interesting things, but love will never change, our hearts will always be in the right place.

Women are always going to be beautiful and I believe mothers that will love their children.
I can see people walking hand in hand laughing and looking after their children.  They will want the best for their children.  

Love will endure whatever comes its way, because love is kind, unforgiving, compassionate, friendly, passionate and available to help you always.  Even in a 1 000 years love will endure and stay forever.  Jesus so loved the world that He died for our sins and arose and sits on the right hand of the LORD Almighty God.

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