Take a chance on life!

Take a chance on life, love and your future!

It feels like I have missed out so much in my life and that I only recently woke up.  I was always so afraid of taking chances.  Risk seemed to be something I would not consider and it kept me locked up inside.

I met my school boyfriend after an interval in my life of 30 years plus.  I started changing and I started venturing out and taking chances.  My now husband is someone that seems to invite intrigue and wonder in my life.

The wonder of all things in the world and how it’s made and whether I am able to conquer it seems to drive me right now.  The challenge of writing and getting noticed is always so awesome and wonderful to see the number of ‘hits on my personal blog’.  The driving sense of being able to write a couple of spiritual words and my own thoughts and publishing it bring me a satisfaction I cannot explain.

Since I seem to feel so versatile I want to expand as much as possible and of course I was able to secure a temporary position with a company.  I realized the need for baking and I took the opportunity and started baking some cakes which I enjoy decorating.  I have sold a number of my cakes and the orders are still coming in.

Taking chances in my life right now is what I am all about.  The driving force behind me is the fact that I have someone that believes in me, that this man thinks the world of me and always helps me.  I cannot think of one reason why I shouldn’t take chances.

I am alive and my chance to expand is growing each day.  I am a chance taker with great opportunities.

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