Prosper through hard work

Proverbs 14: 23 The Voice  

23 Prosperity comes from hard work, but talking too much leads to great scarcity.

Thinking about these word I must tell you it is so true, I have seen when I get to work and get down to business and do what is on my desk immediately I have a lot of free time the rest of the day.  By looking at the piles of paper siting on my desk talking about when I get down to doing the work and just paging through them makes no difference.  Later on they are still there and then here by the end of the week I have twice as much to process than before.

So procrastination is truly the same as talking too much about what I should be doing than putting my hands out and actually doing the job.  Another thing that I must tell you I have observed is by being diligent in working hard while the work is pouring in, this not only makes me become better at what I do, I then start to excel.

For me I would like to be the best in what I do, all the time.  I want to excel in my work and be sure that I work properly every time.  Doing something right the first time is more important to me than speed.  

I believe the Word of God that Proverbs reminds me that through hard work I will prosper and on the other hand by just talking about it will lead to disaster and mistakes, which we cannot afford anyway.

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