Anger Management - Day 1

If you look at me and my size you probably would not even consider that I suffer with a really bad temper.  

The problem I face is before I realize it I have ‘Lost it’ completely.  People I know who enjoy upsetting me make it even more difficult to watch myself.

Of course you think ha, that’s not difficult ignore them.  The thing is they seem to detect the days when I am not at my best.  Those days I completely ‘fly off the handle’.  Then they have the cheek to get upset and feel hurt when I explode.

So I have no resorted to studying the Bible in more depth, focusing my time and energy on verse to help me cope. 

Proverbs 20: 3 ‘It is honorable to back off from a fight, but fools jump right in.’ The problem is I am not afraid and when challenged I step up and am always ready.  So no to change my thinking, take a deep breath and pick my fights; how to cope with this situation? 

Proverbs 19: 11 ‘Insightful people restrain their anger; their glory is to ignore an offense.’ I need to train myself in taking note of the situation, ignore the person baiting me and shake it off.  In this way I am able to avoid an explosion.  Proverbs 17: 14 ‘The start of a quarrel is like letting out water, so drop the dispute before it breaks out.’ The trick is to identify the baiting and to watch my thinking and only God can help me.  

Some tools I want to use in my daily walk:

1.      When a person is baiting me – back off
2.      When this person is really looking for a fight – ignore them
3.      Remind myself – they don’t have the power – I do and God will help me

This is my first part in working on my anger issues, I am still learning and it sure is making me seem so insignificant.  

Pray for me it is one of the most difficult issues I am facing right now.

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