LORD Always before me

Psalm 16: 8 ‘I have set the LORD always before me.  Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.’

I just cannot start my day without going in prayer to the Father.  I don’t know how to get started, every morning in my waking the first thoughts in my mind is ‘thank You Lord, for another day.’
Thinking about my life it is clear to me that in my heart and mind I cannot betray the LORD my God, I believe in my heart that the Lord is my Father.  I wake up each morning and the first thing on my mind is the Lord.

Thinking about the picture I have in my head right now I feel like a little child walking with her Daddy and he takes my right hand to show me the way.  I look up at my Daddy and I know that my Dad has only good things in mind.  We are walking and while we are walking He is teaching me, looking at the beautiful flowers along the road I believe in my heart I am learning.  Laughing and talking about the lovely day and we are on our way to sit in the park.  Its beautiful outside the sun is shining and the playground is ahead of me.

I look around and all of a sudden I see evil men walking towards us.  My Daddy holds my hand and tells me not to be afraid.  They approach him and he says something to them.  They look frightened and run away.  Seeing them run makes me feel at peace, I have my daddy with me.  He will always protect me from harm no one can snatch me from his hand.


Heavenly Father, Lord my God in humbleness I come into Your presence today and pray Lord for the protecting and lovely hand in my life and the lives of the people around me.  Lord give me the strength to stand and always turn my face to You.  Like a sunflower I turn my face to You Lord my God to be filled with Your Holy Spirit.  Keep me from evil and watch over me in the Holy name of Your beautiful son Jesus Christ amen

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