Lord God illuminate my mind = give me a good idea

Psalm 19 New Life Version (NLV)
The Laws of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The Word of the Lord is pure, giving light to the eyes.

In total humility and total need I come to You Lord, I am asking You to please fill my heart with total joy.  Give me the creativity I need to life a full and interesting life.  Lord I want to pray and ask You to help me and enlighten my eyes.  Lord let Your radiance come into my life, help me become more and more like You.  I want to ask You boldly to please give me something good that I can use to honor You and I want to pray for a creative and good idea.  Lord people all around me are so inventive they seem to prosper and go forward, I feel that I am in total lack.

Lord my God I pray for great and wonderful ideas, so that I am able to make them work.  I want to do something that will make other people sit up and know that I have supernatural favour with the Living God I serve.  I want to have people see that Your hand is on my life Lord I want to ask You to give me a light in my eyes.  Something that I am able to do as it would be for You. 
I want to also build and make sure I leave a great legacy for my own children. 

Lord help me to prosper in whatever I do, help me to become a successful person and help me to build on my creativity.  Lord give me a great idea that I can use and help me make this part of my life going forward.  Lord take me under Your wings and lead me.  I need Your guidance.  Help me please father God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I ask this.


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