South Africa - we need to check our values !!!

Good Citizens

A good citizen is someone that to my mind is trustworthy, has respect for his own property as well as for the next person’s property.  This person is responsible and knows that whatever he or she does will affect many people around him or her, directly or indirectly.  This person is able to deal fairly with people, under any circumstances and cares about what happens to others. 
Being a good Citizen is import to our Country.  We need to teach our children good values that will help them growing up.  We need to take the time in working with them.  In showing  them the right way of living.  Looking at some aspects and values I think we need to address give me some of your thoughts and tell me if you believe I am wrong.  What can we do to make our Country better?


I have been talking to a number of people and it seems that in our Country today there is a lack of some good qualities throughout the nation.  It seems our Citizens don’t have any respect for each other these days.  People don’t respect other people nor do they respect their property and or what they wear or do.  It is shocking to see how badly people behave when it comes to respecting each other.  The children have no respect for the elderly.


My dad always told us never to trust other people and today I see that there is no trustworthiness in our country.  People go back on their word constantly.  I can use a company as an example.  I went for the interview and this gentleman asked and almost pleaded with me that should he employ me for the next couple of month that I should not drop him and leave.  I took the offer and started work, something changed I believe the young lady I was helping out became very insecure and within two weeks the asked me to leave.  What happened to I will give you the opportunity in doing the work and letting you stay until the young woman returned.  Because of this young woman’s insecurity I was booted out.  So who can you trust?


In our house the children are being taught responsibility.  We have given each child a task that needs to be done.  Their responsibility isn't that difficult and they need to own their jobs.  Now because they have these little jobs with are to first of all discipline their lives and secondly to help them take their responsibility.  I find them constantly dropping the jobs.  First I used to fight and shout and get myself so angry, I stopped it.  I told my husband that he needs to deal with them.  They are learning how to become responsible and when we keep on picking up after them they lose their perspective on their responsibility.  ‘Oh well, she will do it, I am not going to worry.’  Wrong move, it’s your job own it.


I find there is no fairness these days, no one is fair.  If they can score boy will they score.  It’s all about me, what I can get out of the deal.  It doesn't matter that it is to the determent of the rest of the people as long as I can be number one.  All our children are learning these things, and it seems no one is worried about it.  What will happen when they grow up mean and have nothing to give to others.  Feeling that they are just in treating people unfairly?  We need to make a point in teaching our children fairness. 


Life sure is difficult and to be honest I see that as people every one of us are too busy in our own little worlds.  We don’t have time for the next person.  We are too busy with our own selfish needs.  I want – I get.  No, what about caring about other people.  Isn't it better to give than to receive? I don’t know but we need to start caring about the elderly, the sick, the poor and then look to ourselves.  

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