Grobelarsdal Limpopo South Africa

Good morning, rise and shine today we are going to Grobelarsdal, a trip to an office to go and see to some computers.  I am so excited, I have prepared something for the road, coffee and sandwiches.  Just waiting in anticipation to leave the house with my husband.

Departing at 09:23 am

We are on our way to the beautiful country town Grobelarsdal.  It is a lovely warm cloudy day, so far the roads are quiet and not too much traffic.  My husband is taking a leisurely drive, not driving like a maniac since I have not seen this part of the country.  So his driving speed doesn’t exceed 100 km per hour which is lovely.

First Stop – Loskop Dam

We had to stop at “Die Voetpadkloof Resort” they are blasting up ahead, the roads are being made wider so more cars can travel through here.  It is now 10:35 and we are waiting at the stop and go.  While we are waiting I saw an opportunity to take some pictures. Back on the road .... We waited for approximately 10 minutes and are now on our way to the town, we passed the beautiful Loskop Dam and Andus stopped so I can take a couple of pictures.  Well I suppose a dam is a dam.  It is quiet and I walked up and down to see for the best photos.  Well I hope you can enjoy the view.  It sure feels like I am on vacation.

Driving through the country

As we were driving I asked Andus if there were any baboon around?  My words were even cold when we passed two baboons a huge male and female.  We couldn’t stop to take a picture because of the traffic and driving in a one way direction.  I was so excited hoping to see more but unfortunately we did not see any more.  I know there were so many a long time ago but seems their numbers have dwindled.

Distell Trade Xpress

We arrived at Distell Trade Xpress at 11:45 I sat in the car and took out my book.  The sun is now beating down on the car, it sure is hot around 21 degrees.  Hmm I opened a couple of windows, oops not such a good idea, a whirlwind came brushing up against the car.  Thankfully I could close my window otherwise I would have been covered in dust. 

While I was waiting I took the liberty of reading my book.  It is nice and quiet and I love sitting in the warm car.  I then decided to have me a nice cup of coffee.  Poured myself a cup and just as I got comfortable here comes my husband.  Job done, we are on our way. 

As we drive off he tells me that not too many days ago an elderly man was shot dead right where I was sitting in the car.  The ladies inside of the building thought I was taking a huge risk by sitting outside.  My husband told them I am not afraid of anything, I always say ‘bring it on brother’.  Hmm, I didn’t know I may have gone inside instead.  But thank the Lord I am fine.  Back on the road ...

We drove and then came to the intersection of the stop and go.  It was 14:25 and a man came walking down the long line of cars.  I just want to let you know that you will be waiting here for the next 3 hours.  Ah, you can’t be serious.  He was, we sat in the hot boiling car for 3 hours.  They were blasting again and they needed to pick up all the rocks that came of the mountain.  It was a tedious job but after the 3 hours we got back onto the road.  Oh well this is South Africa and we need relax we live according to African time.

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