“On the Road Again” One Direction

“On the Road Again” One Direction

Jean and Tamzin went to Lory Park with the Anabelle and Riley his nice and her son.  They returned later on Sunday afternoon to get ready to go to the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.  One Direction “On the Road again” tour was in town and Jean wanted to treat Tamzin to see the pop boy band. 

Imagine sitting in one of the suites alongside the stage waiting in anticipation for the Artists Boy Band all the way from England-Ireland to appear on the stage.  Naill Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction make their appearance on the stage.  At that very moment the young girls start screaming which filled the whole stadium.  According to reports from my son Jean the pitch was ‘WOW’.

One Directions stage performance was excellent and my son said they sang songs for two hours non-stop. 

Being older my son said that it was plain to see that the target market group for the Boy Band was for young teenage girls.  As a man he thought that these young ladies were dressed a little skimpy and thinking if they were his daughters they would not leave the house.  I thought that was sweet because he felt that there clothing was so skimpy.  He tells me that they wore shorts too short.  I still cannot imagine how short too short must look.

Because they sat in one of the suites next to the stage they had the vantage point of seeing the show at its best.

The One Direction Boy band is on their way to Cape Town to ‘wow’ the young people in the city.  What an exciting life style these young people lead, they have opportunities we as older people never could dream of.  How awesome to attend an international Band touring in South Africa.

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