Rust Bucket Chronicles - Book Review

Book Review:                                 Rust Bucket Chronicles
Author:                                            Ted Blasche
Personal Quality Rating:                 4            
Reviewer:                                        Yvette van Niekerk (South Africa)


The story is about the Rusty Buckley, a young man who joined the army in NewArk another planet. Some writing about the army and the base and what they experience, if you are a guy I think you would enjoy that, and then a strange thing happens there is attempt to kill Queen Arrabella.

It’s clear that Rysty has always dream of joining the Third Rifles and now things are going his way.  A change of events bring him into a Garbassas where he needs to fight giant lizards.  Tee hee great fun, exciting and exhilarating.  

The story’s based around the army as many weapons and army tactics are used in the story.

Social / Historical Context:

A page turner and the science fiction are interesting I enjoyed the read.  Many exciting stuff that happens in the swamp and there are some interesting characters in the story.
An experience I never had before and it was interesting to see how the author got the things in place.  I like the giant lizards and the action around it.

Writing Style:

The writing style to my mind is evocation.  The writer definitely enjoyed the military thing, I don’t know what experience he has but it seems he is knowledgeable on that area.  He enjoyed writing the story and had a lot of interesting ideas.  I could imagine many of the places and it was almost realistic at times.    

My Thoughts:

I felt sorry for Rust in the beginning of the story he had been through a lot but thank goodness life changes and people get some exciting breaks.

My science fiction stories are growing it seems, people in general have an extraordinary imagination, it was fun, I think people that like something different than your day to day love story will enjoy this book.  A change from all the drama and some action is always good.  I think this was a good read.

In short

I believe the story is based on the military and that type of thing. I think of the weapons and the training and the implementation of strategy are important to the story.  Rusty Buckley - young chap that get a great break and then starts to fulfil his dream, and not the forgetting the attempt on the life of their Queen Arrabella.  Also something not to be missed is the giant lizards …. Wow the trip into Garbassas was interesting.  I thought the senses were believable and I think the author is creative and has away with words.  As the story evolves in each stage the story grows interesting and ends well.  I like the read.

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