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Clan of Midnight - Book Review

Book Review:                                 Clan of Midnight
Author:                                            Richard Phillip Hoffman
Personal Quality Rating:                4            
Reviewer:                                        Yvette van Niekerk (South Africa)


This Science Fiction Mystery Novel is written using the setting of the California.  The story kicks off with murders which are reported on Channel 6.  The main character David Zane is a magician who doesn't age.  So he looks really good for a 65 year old chap.

Detective Roberts contacts Zane to see what he thought of the murders and if there was away in solving the murders.  After inspecting the bodies Zane suggests that the Detective see if they can get some cash to pay the matron Bonny St. Claire to help with the investigation.

The story is interesting and there is a lot going on with nostalgia around Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney and the different immortals.

Social / Historical Context:

Considering that David Zane is now out of the Underworld and living between people his day-to-day living is normal with some dynamics of being a magician and noticing other things taking place around him.  Zane starts to pick up that it isn't just one person doing all the killings but a number of killers.  It gets interesting and now the story starts to come alive.

Writing Style:

The writing style to my mind is a little evocation and common place.  It narrated a person who is deep in the magical world living among humans.  The writer enjoys describing his characters so you get a good idea of what they look like.

To me the writer has a great imagination and enjoyed writing this story, it does have a strong detective pull in the story and the other immortals are interesting too.

Somewhat graphic in the sense of language I do believe the rating of 18 years is a good thing.  The writer enjoyed the story telling which makes it a good read.  Great job!

My Thoughts:

A page turner for me, I enjoyed the story and loved David Zane he seemed like the type of guy I would like to talk with.  I felt the intrigue and enjoyed the discovery of the Clan of Midnight which revealed the demonic rituals and evil plans that was being plotted.  

Short version

The telling of David Zane an immortal magician whom is made known and is contacted by the police to come and give some insight on a number of murders which they are baffled by.  Life starts to heat up a little when he is exposed to the community and of course the underworld hears of it too.
Because of his training he is well equipped to deal with every situation that arises and soon discovers there are a number of killers involved with the murders.  As the story progresses you find that an evil clan involved in demonic rituals live in the same county as Zane making life very interesting for him.

It turns out that David Zane the immortal magician stands between the people and the Clan of Midnight.  The story is a page turner, which cannot be put down.

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